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3 Surefire Tips to Building a Great Business Team

4 Blogs to help track current viral trends
If you are looking to create viral content, it always helps to know what is trending. You already know about sites like Digg, Tumblr, and Twitter, but here are four blogs that you should be following too:

1.Archie McPhee’s Geyser of Awesome.
This is on Tumblr and is sponsored by an online novelty store. The blog is fun and awesome with its content. Current posts cover such things as making your fingernails look like Swiss cheese, or how to make a Han Solo coming out of carbonite cover for your full-sized refrigerator.

They also feature some of the fun items they sell at the Archie McPhee store online – like a prairie-style bonnet for your cat. Won’t kitty just love that! If you have kids, there’s a grand assortment of ideas to keep them entertained or eating. You can learn how to make elephants from hotdog, turn sardines into gams with high heels or bologna and salad into a mouse. Lots of fun to be had and all of it could inspire your next great viral video or other type of content.

Looking for something different – and we mean DIFFERENT? This is the site for you and all your friends who love the odd and absurd. It covers a variety of types of odd – science, decorating, places, people, tech, and almost anything else you can imagine (or not). Recent posts include a list of 10 Pokemon Go-inspired products, a grocery store aisle that’s arranged by color (OCD much?), 10 weird raffle prizes (want a full-grown lion….), and 8 social movements that started at Starbucks.

3.Bless This Stuff.

At Bless this Stuff, you aren’t going to find the usual stuff, but it’s all useful and much of it is beautifully designed, like the Grovemade Speaker System, designed by Joey Roth and made by Grovemade in Portland. These speakers are encased in wood specially cut and formed to maximize the sound quality. You can get them in walnut or maple. You can also find titanium pocket knives or a desk made from a recycled Jeep hood.

Every month they do a series of different editor’s picks including separate ones on what they found on sites like Amazon and Huckberry, as well as an individual item that’s an editor’s pick.

4.Pleated Jeans.
This blog offers a mix of different types of content, traditional blog posts, videos created by the blogger, Jeff Wysaski. You’ll also find web comics, GIFs, and funny photos. Some of his recent posts cover an adult language list written by a wife going away for a weekend with the girls – instructions for her unsuspecting husband. Another good and funny view is one about a Russian photographer who likes to take photos of small critters doing human things. Hedgehogs make a frequent appearance in her pictures, the first starts with two baby hedgehogs doing laundry in a miniature bathtub.

3 Surefire Tips to Building a Great Business Team