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3 Marketing Trends To Put On Your Radar Today

3 Marketing Trends To Put On Your Radar Today
Even the savviest of entrepreneurs often overlook a key area that could make or break their growing businesses. When it comes to scaling a company, vision and drive just isn’t enough these days.

Marketing is the secret weapon that drives success in any industry, and should be part of every startup toolbox. As you turn your gaze toward launching or scaling your company, implement marketing strategies that work to take your business to the next level.

But winning marketing strategies can’t be left to chance. As you begin to forecast and plan your budget for the coming year, here are 3 marketing trends you should have on your radar.

1) Taking it live

You’ve heard that content is king, but content isn’t limited to writing alone. Video, and in particular live video feeds such as Snapchat and Facebook Live, is raging in the social world. Video allows companies to connect in a ‘face-to-face’ way, and when it comes to driving business, building relational capital is the place to begin. Eliciting emotion is a driving force behind sales. It’s why infomercials, despite the mockery they face, are so effective. They create a sense of immediacy, fear of losing out on a great deal, and envy for that lithe body that could be yours for only 6 payments of $19.99. It’s also why cat videos can probably sell anything they ever tried to. Emotions, humor and ‘face-to-face’ connection sell.

2) Channeling-in on participation

Social media—we aren’t talking about your mother’s Facebook page here. Marketers are discovering innovative new ways to engage with their audiences over social channels that go beyond posting questions and shareable memes. Encouraging audiences to co-create social content with the brand makes uber-shareable content that social gurus want to share with their families and networks. Mobile has made it easier than ever for people to generate fun content wherever they go, and post it wherever they are without taking time to sit and create. It’s like word-of-mouth advertising (which, incidentally is the most effective form of advertising) gone viral.

3) Tapping into consumer whereabouts

Few people these days can be found without a mobile phone in hand. That’s why so many successful companies have begun incorporating mobile use into their campaigns by offering discounts for downloading apps, etc. It’s also why marketers are sending their customers great deals while they’re on location. A majority of millennials are excited about the location-based mobile notifications that instantly connect them with deals and steals based on their locations.

Get on board with these trends to make it in front of your audience, and connect. Beat the odds and give your startup every chance for success by jumping on the trending train headed toward the future.

3 Marketing Trends To Put On Your Radar Today